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My Setup

I have my new mobile phone cable tied to my desk drinking straw support arm. This drinking straw goes into a 2 litre water jug or can be replaced with another cup.

The mobile phone is connected via a USB on my desk microphone for my voice recognition software. The mobile phone is copied on my PC using an app called Mobizen, so I can operate the phone from my PC, saving me a fortune - using my environmental control to use my land line calling mobile phones.

My environmental control is connected to a Bracket I designed off of the arm of my power chair which I operate using my head switch, or a radio signal operated via my relay circuit board connected to my PC using a USB.

I am also keeping my environmental control linked to my power chair in case the battery goes flat by a cigarette lighter socket from my chair battery under my legs.

I also have a drinking straw on the back of my chair, which I have got run to the back of head switch bracket.

Contacting Les

Mobile: 07566 216365 (Difficult to answer incoming calls, text better)
Telephone: 0208 4187841 (Better for incoming calls)